What is the It's Your World Project?

IYW is a project that takes recycled materials retrieved from our numerous cleanups, and converts these recyclables into fantastic works of art. We also host numerous workshops in hopes of raising environmental awareness while at the same time promoting a creative and artistic thought process. 

How Can I Get Involved? 

Volunteers are always welcome! Whether you're a local artist hoping to host a workshop with us, or a sponsor seeking to support our cause, It's Your World could always use a hand. Volunteers could also assist in our desert cleanups, attend our workshops, or simply spread the word! We are also in need of venues to host our  international travelling exhibition in Las Cruces, and Juarez.

Who Does This Project Benefit?


Everyone! We not only teach the community to take care of our environment, but also promote creativity through our artwork and workshops. Our proceeds go to expanding our project, which in turn allows us to recycle more materials, and spread more environmental awareness alongside creativity.

How Did this Project Get Started? 

In 2015, Barnes & Noble announced a national contest in partnership with Penguin Random House and Chelsea Clinton that encouraged educators from Pre-K - 12th Grade to start a club which sought out to benefit the community and those around it. As a result, high school art teacher Candace Printz entered this competition, and founded the It's Your World Project. Today, this project still keeps it's core principles, and strives to expand in order to spread compassion, creativity, and consideration for the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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